A symbol of a military and spiritual weapons, which symbolizes enlightenment, light, good ( it is also a reminder that the struggle continues not only at the front line, but also in the civil life by enlightenment)
the meaning
of symbols

heraldic symbol of prudence, purity, innocence, austerity, severity
in heraldic books unicorn is likened to a brave soldier, "who is rather ready to perish before giving in to the enemy "
readiness to defend homeland, city from enemies, as well as a symbol of participation in battles
symbol of threat to enemies
Ukrainian national emblem, modern state emblem of Ukraine
thorns torn by a sword /
the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community continues
torn by the sword, the struggle for independence
and freedom of Ukraine
symbolizes nobility, openness, as well as purity, innocence and truthfulness
symbolizes courage, bravery, love, as well as blood shed in the struggle
symbol of caution, wisdom, perseverance in challenges
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LGBT military
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LGBT military
Union of the LGBT military, veterans and volunteers was established in 2018 by Viktor Pylypenko, an openly gay veteran of the Donbas Volunteer Battalion, after he made a coming out during Anton Shebetko's exhibition "We Were Here." The union now has more openly gay as well as closeted LGBT military. We unite in order to become equal with other citizens of Ukraine, have equal rights.

In 2018, our association marched in a separate column during the March of Equality, organized by KyivPride. The column was led by Viktor Pylypenko and openly lesbian volunteer Nastya Konfederat.

We are currently gaining strength, taking an active part not only in defending Ukraine from the Russian invasion on the frontline, but also defending democracy and equality for all citizens of Ukraine.

We invite both closed LGBT military and those who would like to make coming out and make democratic changes in the Ukrainian society!

With a support of the NGO Fulcrum and Canadian CFLI Fund our union created 4 short films about LGBT military.

Equality, Dignity and Freedom are traditions of Ukraine
Our association upholds the values proclaimed by the Revolution of Dignity.

Our goal is to achieve equality for the LGBT + community, the marriage right, a right to have a full-fledged family, and our right for non-discrimination. Along with upholding our rights, we also demand the same rights and inclusiveness for all: other minorities and social groups of the Ukrainian citizens. Struggle for equality will make our society more humane, inclusive, without prejudices and hatred. We want to help to make Ukraine a free European country.

We struggled during the Revolution of Dignity, we went through the war with the Russian occupiers and collaborators, we helped and are helping the frontline and we have the right to the same dignified life as the rest of the Ukrainians.
Our goals
Family partners should have the right to make decisions in relation to each other in emergency medical situations
Family relationships between gays and lesbians should be recognized as legitimate partnerships
Marriages concluded abroad must be recognized in Ukraine
The second partner should be able to be the guardian of the first partner's child
Families with partners raising three or more children should have the status of large families
Gays and lesbians should have the right to be donors of blood and blood components
In family unions, both partners must have the right of granting and inheriting property
Family partners must have rights related to death and burial (the right to dispose the body of the deceased, etc.)
Couples who are in a family relationship should be able to adopt children
Couples who are in a family relationship should be able to adopt children
Education system must take into account sexual education and the diversity of types of modern families
Legislation on bullying, domestic violence and labor relations should take into account the specifics of LGBT+
Openly LGBT+ military
Three secret Facebook groups and chats
Achilles Brotherhood
For gays and bisexual men (administered by Viktor Pylypenko and Nick Buderatskyy)
For lesbians and bisexual military ladies (administered by Nastya Konfederat)
T*Rainbow military
For transgender military (administered by Viktoriya Didukh)
To participate join the Facebook group LGBT Military and Our Allies. Answer the questions, and you will be contacted privately by one of the administrators - openly LGBT military
Media publications
Russian homophobic propaganda about us
- Killed children for the rights of LGBT
- Viktor Pylypenko: faggot-punisher, as a symbol of post-maidan Ukraine
- Ukraine is as bad as its veterans
- Army of gays
- Massive homosexualism in the Ukrainian army: confession of the "ATO hero"
Our allies
This project is funded by the Democracy Grants, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.
The views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Embassy
To become an ally or to make a request e-mail us:

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